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Category : Leisures : 7 weird sites found.
1 Varazdin 2000
Description : One of the most complex Macromedia Flash projects on the web. A city map example of how flash can emulate large scale non-web standard applications.
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2 ALTREC.COM - Experience: Route360 Splash
Description : an around-the-world expedition featuring 360 degree IPIX images.
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3 BradKent.com : Quasi-Comprehensive CandyBar Wrapper Image Archive
Description : Scanned wrappers of candy bars and other candies commonly found in a vending machine or check-out line.
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4 Pillsbury - Doughboy
Description : Pillsbury's goal is to be the Best Food Company in the world by the year 2000. Look here for product info, recipes, job listings and a profile of this world class company.
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5 16 color
Description : 16 color cinema - the internet movie machine. Pixels with an attitude! Create animated gifs using shockwave and browse movies. Participate in Pixelfest, the monthly movie awards, and win prizes!
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6 The Box by Fusionary Media
Description : In an era of sophisticated solutions to the problem of desktop clutter, we propose a return to simplicity - Introducing The Box. An award winning site by Fusionary Media.
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7 Zymetrical Novelties
Description : Carries a large variety of gag gifts, practical jokes, pranks and other novelties. Hundreds of funny items below retail.
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