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Category : Humor : 20 weird sites found.
1 Crate Research and Application Project - Wiping the Slate
Description : The Crate Application and Research Project was set up to promote crates in today's society
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2 NEWS of the WEIRD
Description : Find out how the other half lives by taking a look at the bizarre-but-true weird news from around the world, edited by Chuck Shepherd and nationally-syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate
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3 A clue just for you!
Description : Step right up and get your very own clue!
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Description : Eating and snacking over the kitchen sink. Hungry? No time to cook? Don't like to clean up? Become a SINKIE! Who are Suspected Closet-Sinkies?
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5 Furniture Porn
Description : The action is all-hot, all-amateur, and all-upholstered at the Web's finest porn parody site.
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6 Web Odor: A Virtual Future History of the Latest in Internet Technology
Description : Making scents of OTP the new protocol that's permeating the Web
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7 Doug Anderson's WebParody
Description : These parodies are meant to be good fun, and are provoked by no malice, ill-will, personal animus, commercial interest, etc.
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8 the weird picture archive @ the elite entertainment network
Description : a growing collection of some of the strangest pictures in the world. browse by subject and contribute your own
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9 Funnymovies.net
Description : A database of funny movies
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10 The Toilet Museum
Description : A collection of toilets-in-art, with commentary by the museum's curator. Stroll the various galleries, or "bathrooms," and browse through the museum's gift shop. You are sure to be moved.
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